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We connect hiring managers to potential employees quicker and cheaper than a traditional recruiter. We do this by using software and data analysis techniques, such as crowdsourcing and machine learning.

Find Talent Now

Looking to hire talent fast? Enter your info and start receiving candidates within hours.

Why is Hiring So Tough?!?

There are over 400 MILLION resumes online according to Recruiters who post a desirable job will receive HUNDREDS of resumes.

The data available is too much to read manually. You must have automated tools.

Talent is accessible as never before --- for companies with tools to manage the increasing base of candidate data.

What We Do Differently

We act as your recruiting back-office with our three step process:



Send us your job description and relocation requirements.



We will send you a short quiz, based on your job description, to gauge your priorities.



We rank candidates using our proprietary software, and send the best qualified to you in mobile-friendly e-mails.

We help you select job candidates, freeing your recruiters to focus on their #1 job: selling the best candidates on a job offer.

One More Thing

We provide key bullet points from the best resumes, so your interview prep work is already done.

A World Where Jobs Find Talent!

We work in a world where the PAIN of hiring is gone forever!

With half a billion online resumes and profiles available, why do companies still ask for employees to fill out a bunch of information on their Careers site? Don't sit around waiting for your next employee to find your job post. Instead, let River of Talent show you how to go find them.

Welcome to a better way to work.

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